Archived Documents and References

Archived Documents

2015 Draft EIS Documents and References

Public Meeting Materials

Federal Register Notice of Comment Period Extension
Newspaper Notification (Comment Period Extension)
Booklet (High Resolution)
CJMT Fact Sheet (English)
CJMT Fact Sheet (Chamorro)
CJMT Fact Sheet (Carolinian)
Comment Form (printed version)
Federal Register Notice of Availability/Notice of Public Meetings
Newspaper Notification (Notice of Availability/Notice of Public Meetings)


Click here to view a Readers Guide that explains how to find information in the Draft EIS/OEIS. Links to specific sections of the document are listed below. Click here to view a booklet that provides a simple overview of the proposed action and analysis contained in the Draft EIS/OEIS.

Download Draft EIS/OEIS as a Single Document (56MB)
Cover thru Readers Guide (0.9 MB)
Executive Summary (5MB)
Abstract / Table of Contents (0.5MB)
Chapter 1 – Purpose and Need (1.3MB)
Chapter 2 – Proposed Action and Alternatives (8.2MB)
Chapter 3 – Affected Environment (12.5MB)
  Section 3.1 – Introduction (0.3MB)
  Section 3.2 – Geology & Soils (2.3MB)
  Section 3.3 – Water Resources (1MB)
  Section 3.4 – Air Quality (0.3MB)
  Section 3.5 – Noise (0.7MB)
  Section 3.6 – Airspace (0.8MB)
  Section 3.7 – Land and Submerged Land Use (1MB)
  Section 3.8 – Recreation (0.8MB)
  Section 3.9 – Terrestrial Biology (1.5MB)
  Section 3.10 – Marine Biology (3.7MB)
  Section 3.11 – Cultural Resources (0.5MB)
  Section 3.12 – Visual Resources (0.9MB)
  Section 3.13 – Transportation (0.7MB)
  Section 3.14 – Utilities (0.8MB)
  Section 3.15 – Socioeconomics and Environmental Justice (1MB)
  Section 3.16 – Hazardous Materials and Waste (0.8MB)
  Section 3.17 – Public Health and Safety (0.5MB)
Chapter 4 – Environmental Consequences (33MB)
  Section 4.1 – Introduction (0.3MB)
  Section 4.2 – Geology & Soils (0.8MB)
  Section 4.3 – Water Resources (1.6MB)
  Section 4.4 – Air Quality (0.4MB)
  Section 4.5 – Noise (2.6MB)
  Section 4.6 – Airspace (0.8MB)
  Section 4.7 – Land and Submerged Land Use (1.2MB)
  Section 4.8 – Recreation (0.5MB)
  Section 4.9 – Terrestrial Biology (16.9MB)
  Section 4.10 – Marine Biology (4.9MB)
  Section 4.11 – Cultural Resources (0.7MB)
  Section 4.12 – Visual Resources (1.4MB)
  Section 4.13 – Transportation (0.4MB)
  Section 4.14 – Utilities (0.5MB)
  Section 4.15 – Socioeconomics and Environmental Justice (0.5MB)
  Section 4.16 – Hazardous Materials and Waste (1.5MB)
  Section 4.17 – Public Health and Safety (0.5MB)
  Section 4.18 – Programmatic Analysis (1.5MB)
  Section 4.19 – Section 4f Evaluation (0.3MB)
  Section 4.20 – Summary of Impacts and Mitigations (0.7MB)
Chapter 5 – Cumulative Impacts (1.2MB)
Chapter 6 – Additional Considerations (0.5MB)
Chapter 7 – References (0.6MB)
Chapter 8 – Preparers (0.3MB)
Chapter 9 – Distribution (0.3MB)
Appendices Table of Contents (0.4MB)
Download Appendices as a Single Zip File (168MB)
  Appendix A – Agency and Elected Official Correspondence (1MB)
  Appendix B – Scoping Summary Report (6.31MB)
  Appendix C – Unconstrained Training Concept (4.1MB)
  Appendix D – Best Management Practices (0.6MB)
  Appendix E – Regulations (0.4MB)
  Appendix F – Tech Memo Geology and Soils (9.7MB)
  Appendix G – Tech Memo Air Quality (2.1MB)
  Appendix H – Noise Study (3.2MB)
  Appendix I – Tech Memo Airspace (1.9MB)
  Appendix J – Engineering and Coastal Processes Analyses (29.2MB)
  Appendix K – Land Use Agreements (0.4MB)
  Appendix L – Bio Supporting Studies (all sections) (21.6MB)
    Appendix L1-L2 – Species List and Profiles (1MB)
    Appendix L3 – Tinian Bio Survey Report (4.1MB)
    Appendix L4 – Tinian Wetlands Survey Report (14.6MB)
    Appendix L5 – Biosecurity (2.7MB)
  Appendix M – Marine Biology Tech Memo and Reports (all sections) (26.7MB)
    Appendix M1 – Tech Memo Marine Biology (1.6MB)
    Appendix M2 – Coral Survey Report (16.1MB)
    Appendix M3 – Marine Mammals Survey Report (4.1MB)
    Appendix M4 – Sea Turtle Survey Report (5.9MB)
  Appendix N – Tech Memo Cultural Resources (3MB)
  Appendix O – Transportation Study (12.1MB)
  Appendix P – Utilities Study (all sections) (32.4MB)
    Appendix P – Solid Waste Study (3.8MB)
    Appendix P – Utilities Vol I – Executive Summary (0.9MB)
    Appendix P – Utilities Vol II – Electrical Power (3.0MB)
    Appendix P – Utilities Vol III – Water (7.5MB)
    Appendix P – Utilities Vol IV – Wastewater (6.1MB)
    Appendix P – Utilities Vol V – IT Communications (12.6MB)
  Appendix Q – Socioeconomic Study (11MB)
  Appendix R – Tech Memo Hazardous Materials (0.5MB)
  Appendix S – Draft Tinian Airport Layout Plan (0.9MB)

Notice of Intent – 2013

Notice of Intent – March 14, 2013
NOI and Notice of Public Hearing Block Advertisement
Notice of Extension of Public Comment Period
Notice of Extension Block Advertisement

Reference Documents

2+2 Statement

Quadrennial Defense Review (February 2010)

Training Needs Assessment: An Assessment of Current Training Ranges and Supporting Facilities in the U.S. Pacific Command Area of Responsibility

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Joint Military Training Requirements and Siting Study

Scoping Documents – 2013

Scoping Summary Report – July 2013 (Report Only)
Scoping Summary Report Appendices – July 2013 (Appendices Only – 52MB PDF)
Scoping Summary Report – July 2013 (Full Report with Appendices – 55MB PDF)
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CJMT Scoping Brief
CJMT Scoping Brief Map Book
CJMT Fact Sheet | Chamorro | Carolinian
CJMT Fact Sheet Audio (Chamorro)
CJMT Fact Sheet Audio (Carolinian)
CJMT Postcard
CJMT Scoping Posters
CJMT Scoping Booklet
CJMT Comment Form

National Historic Preservation Act

CJMT Section 106 Posters

2009 & 2010 USFWS Survey Reports

USFWS (2009) Final Terrestrial Res Surveys of Tinian & Aguiguan

USFWS (2010) Marianas Expedition Wildlife Surveys Reports