The U.S. is rebalancing military forces in the Asia-Pacific region. In support of this, the U.S. military is proposing to increase joint military training capabilities by developing live-fire ranges and training areas on the islands of Tinian and Pagan. The U.S. Marine Corps is leading this joint service initiative on behalf of the U.S. Pacific Command. This proposed action, which involves land, air, and sea space, follows the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA provides the public with opportunities to provide input and assists the decision maker in making an informed decision. Your comments are welcome and important to us.

Proposed Action

The CNMI Joint Military Training proposed action establishes a series of live-fire Range Training Areas (RTAs) within the CNMI to address the U.S. Pacific Command Service Components’ unfilled joint military training requirements in the Western Pacific.

Purpose and Need

The purpose of the proposed action is to reduce joint training deficiencies for military services in the Western Pacific. Existing U.S. military live-fire, unit and combined level training ranges, training areas, and support facilities are insufficient to support U.S. Pacific Command Service Components’ training requirements in the Western Pacific, specifically in the Mariana Islands. The proposed action is needed to enable U.S. Pacific Command forces to meet their U.S. Code Title 10 requirements to maintain, equip, and train combat and humanitarian forces in the Western Pacific.

Map of CNMI Islands